Monday, 25 August 2014

Air line frock

                 AIR LINE FROCK
learn how to make a baby frock
In the patent of air line baby frock it make to be comfortable 
and baby look so beauty in this dress 
 cloth we can use cotton,bussy lassy ,sharten this kind of cloth give a good look for the dress
we can make dress for 2 years to 8 years baby's

b-measure+ 8"
c half chest measure neck b/8 bottom frills is essential
be made sleeve bobby style sleeve or bells sleeve can be selected


0 to 1= length +2
0 to 2= chest height
2 to 3= chest
0 to 4= neck
4 to 5 = neck wide
5 to 6 = back neck
4 to 7 = shoulder
7 to 8 = arm hole
9 make umbrella shape

        this is the cutting method of air line frock
       let we see the stitching method of frock in our next post
     for any doubt you can contact me through comments.
           thanks you..........

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