Monday, 22 September 2014

golden tree

Hi today we are going to do a golden tree in a colorful Patten 

Golden tree is the one of vastu article .it gives you lot’s of happens

 And positive vibration at your home ones you place it . you feel very good and positive 

  in your life. You have to place it the golden tree in the south corner. 

It’s easy to make in a simple ways.


Let’s see what are the  materials’ we needed to do this:
  Golden wire – 40
  Golden color leaf as you need
  Purple color   leaf as you need
Golden beads as you need
Color beads as you need
Flower chumake as you need
Small beads as your needs
Small wooden piece
nail 10to 15 nos

Let’s see what are the process we have to do are


First take five golden wire flip into half. Like as eight piece. Take a wooden piece.
  Fixed the golden wire as a circle with the help nail. Twisted all together like a steam 

 separate all the golden wire branches.inset golden leaf and color leaf in golden wire
next you have to add crystal beads in between golden wire in each and every branches of leaf
either you can add gold are any color last attached the chumke flower in the edges.
if you shuffle in your own creativity like flower(or) leaf (or)bead in any where
but i like to say one thing that edge we creates same different types of flower.because of the arrangements make a man as pleasant.
now your golden tree is ready
you can use like a any occasion gift  and also use as home decorative items and also
use like a vastu in your business place
  for any doubt ask true out your comments
thank you

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